Playing with DIMENSIONS

AVM Station uses the latest cinematic detailed 3D software to help create visually stunning environments, CGI products, and character animations across all sectors. We deliver exceptional detail and ultra realism for our clients . Our talented team deliver exceptional quality CGI and animation for all projects at the most cost effective agency rates available.

smoke frame render.png


We live in the three-dimensional world, so any object around us can become objects of 3D modelling – it is only a matter of intention. We offer a comprehensive 3D modelling service. Our technical expertise results in highly accurate 3D models, from small objects to large buildings and characters, we have a wealth of experience to provide you with detailed and life-like models. 



Our lighting & shading artists have the ability to create variations of shade, color intensity, shadows and lighting design for the exterior and interior scenarios, along with a solid familiarity with photo realistic lighting and shading in a production environment. We have a strong opinion that lighting and shading can seriously make or break a shot so it is one of the most meticulous processes we go through.



Our expertise in texturing has expanded with our talented, experienced artists who keep moving forward with new technologies. We create textures for models that may be organic in nature such as various creatures, or rigid “hard surface” objects such as buildings. We use a wide range of reference materials and closely follow edge topology.



Our expertise team have the ability to breathe life into characters and drive performance. Our animators drive the performances showcasing thought process, mood, action, reaction and objective just like an actor. We have the ability to understand the character’s motivation and are able to convey this to the audience effectively and realistically.