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Bringing hardcore results to a brand new market

Packaging with a visual language takes Legion supplements beyond the bros and into the lives of everyday people

Image by Daniel Storek


From the start, Legion has aimed to bring something unique to the fitness world: healthy, high-quality supplements based on sound science, sold honestly at a fair price. But you wouldn’t have gathered that from their original brand: all-caps, heavy italics and even some flames and lightning bolts for effect. It was the traditional aggro-branding of the industry, made for workout supplements full of dubious claims and questionable ingredients.

But Legion was different and needed an image that reflected that difference: products 100% backed by scientific research, directed not just to bodybuilders but everyone who prioritizes quality over claims. Traina infused this essence throughout Legion’s complete redesign, creating a direct-to-consumer brand that is clearly different at first glance.


Widening the supplementation market

Our strategy began by giving their masculine-leaning brand a more approachable tone and visual direction that appealed to a broader audience—less hardcore, more healthwise.

We flipped the script for health supplements: utilizing lower-case type and still keeping subtle elements of Legion’s logo but modernizing its feel toward a friendlier product that could break through to the mass market.

Image by Irene Kredenets
Image by Maksim Larin
Image by Hemesh Patil
Image by Maksim Larin

Legion’s product line included over 40 SKUs spanning protein powder, energy bars, vitamins and pre- and post-workout drinks, all of which needed to be retargeted to emphasize clean nutrition that cuts through the hype.

Such a wide assortment of flavors and products revealed the need to cohesively group the various lines and build a common visual language throughout. We began by defining a set of bright, approachable colors, coordinated for each line and contrasted over a common base of matte black.

From there, Traina developed a comprehensive visual identity system that leveraged the custom Legion “L” as a keyhole through which genuine ingredients can be accessed. The effect is that of seeing what’s inside, and this visual pairing marries the brand conceptually with the quality nutrition it unlocks.

But the realness of the ingredients still needed to pop, so we set upon developing a suite of over 30 custom CGI ingredient combinations that burst irresistibly throughout the product line.



Real quality you can see and feel

Why go CGI when stock imagery would suffice? Legion’s focus on quality ingredients called for visuals that had to be as real as they could get. Such a sweeping visual system of vibrant, 3-D rendered images is rare in their category, but necessary to highlight Legion’s great taste, diverse flavors, and premium quality—in addition to reflecting their honest, science-based brand personality and values.

And for a brand where purity and authenticity is your edge, realness must come through on every side: from what you see, to what you taste and how it makes you feel.

Silver Rhinestone High Heels
Image by Ryan Plomp
Image by Maksim Larin


Making gains

The outcome speaks for itself: Legion quickly realized a huge uptick in new  customers and repeat customers alike.The new position, tone, and packaging opened up entirely new markets to this once-niche brand.



YTD year-over-year increase in revenue

YTD year-over-year increase in revenue


Increase in new customers


Discerning customers have chosen Legion

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