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Strengthening brand identity with effective results for customers

Creating a solid web presence by boosting social media results to make a difference in brand management.

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Iron and steel companies are hardcore businesses for the country’s industrial sector. The products from the iron and steel industry are highly aligned with our daily life. Therefore, BSTL wanted to be visible to the customer base from different platforms. From the beginning of the journey, BSTL prioritises the customers and their distributors. Quality and durability have been their main priorities. 


They curated a wide range of products such as MS pipes, GI pipes, Tubular Steel pipes, TMT bars, Metal Beam Crash Barriers and Wire Rods. These products strengthen the bond between the customers and the brand. With innovative ideas and uncompromised value, BSTL has been capable of withholding its reputation and trust in the market. 


Introducing a high-ended Brand Visual identity

Our goal was to authenticate the online brand identity of BSTL and make the brand accessible to everyone. Efforts were driven for undeniable brand visibility. 


With verification of accounts and daily social media engagement, we wanted to bring effective results. Engaging content and automation updation increase the engagement of users.


Although the brand has been serving customers for 15 years, the company struggled to create strong online visibility. Therefore, reaching a more excellent customer range was critical for them. 


Our client had a greater reach offline, but their digital presence needed to be upgraded. Plus, in the competitive market, making and adequately presenting their products was our real challenge. We targeted dealers and distributors across the eastern region of India to strengthen the presence of BSTL. 

Construction Site Wood Cutting



The iron and steel sector plays a significant role in the global economy as a major supplier of materials for manufacturing, building, infrastructure, and transportation. The sector consists of businesses that mine coal and iron ore as well as those that make steel goods like wire, pipes, and sheet metal.

All things considered, the market environment for iron and steel companies can be complicated and influenced by numerous outside variables. To thrive, businesses in the sector must be able to adjust to shifting circumstances and maintain their competitiveness.

Industrial Forging


Contributing to a positive presence of the brand was our goal. Therefore, we used the resources to improve the digital appearance of the brand. Regular creative posts with customised designs, effects and innovative copies boosted the brand value of BSTL. The authentication and verification of accounts in social media created a base of huge followers.

It can affect a consumer's purchase choices and is a crucial indicator of a brand's success. BSTL can stand out from its rivals and build a devoted customer base with the help of solid brand recognition. We make consistent messaging, inventive marketing tactics, and a firm grasp of the target market to increase brand recognition. We have accomplished using a range of marketing initiatives, including public relations, social media, content marketing, events, and ads. BSTL has become a trusted and recognisable brand by raising brand awareness, resulting in more sales and long-term success.

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The Real conversion that can be cherished

We maintained a proper Social Media calendar containing 20+ posts every month. Our social media marketing team has used platforms like Facebook, Insta, Twitter, LinkedIn and even WhatsApp to maintain the SM calendar. The brand's social media presence has been established with proper hashtags and on-time posting. 


Our regular effort to make the brand more customer-friendly has received positive responses. The impression and engagement through the range of social media platforms made a strong brand presence on the web.

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Electric Grinder

"We’re seeing a much lower bounce rate, which was our goal. The website offers a richer experience that keeps users on the site for longer."

Tim Rozmus, digital marketing manager


Our FaceBook awareness campaign increased the number of followers. With the Meta Business Setup and WhatsApp Business Setup, the authentication of the brand was established. Our creative teams’ efforts made the brand stand out from the crowd. We have created the BSTL FaceBook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter account from scratch. With, we created an interactive brand image for their dealers and distributors. 


The company's presence on the web was strengthened by the relevant hashtags and copies with creative designs. Ad campaigns and on-time post schedules will help the brand to excel in presence. 

Iron Working Tools


Making gains

A good result for the brand is our achievement. That’s why we have created 10k followers on the FaceBook platform. Moreover, on WhatsApp, we have reached 700+ dealers and distributors. 

  • Added 10,124 Followers On the FaceBook Platform

  • We added more Followers /Month within a short time and budget

  • Advertisement Videos that drastically boosted sales.

  • Connected 700+ dealers and distributors on WhatsApp

  • Facebook Page Reach 29,907 (100% ↑)

  • Facebook Page Visits 1705 (100% ↑)

  • Paid Reach - 6062 (100% ↑)

  • Paid Impression- 6078 (100% ↑)



YTD year-over-year increase in revenue

YTD year-over-year increase in revenue


Increase in new followers 


Discerning customers have chosen Legion

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Molten Metal in Foundry

Let’s move things forward

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