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App Store Optimization

Increase App Downloads & User Acquisition

Get Discovered By Leads With High Propensity To Convert

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If your business has an app, then app store optimization should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. App store optimization is ensuring an app meets the criteria of the app store to improve its rank on the search result pages. The concept is similar to search engine optimization that improves the rank of a website on search engine result pages. App Store Optimization is also referred to as ASO or App Store SEO.

Due to ever-increasing traffic from tablets and smartphones, app stores are evolving every day. In that case, app store optimization is essential to improve the visibility of apps to ensure an increase in organic downloads. There are more than two and a half million Android apps in the Google Play store and over two million apps in Apple’s App Store that are used by more than three and half billion people across the world. If your app has to stand out in this crowded field of competitors, app store optimization is the solution for it.

Increase Conversion Rates & Generate More Traffic With App Store Optimization

The fundamental objective of app store optimization is to increase downloads and loyal customers. To achieve that the app needs to be discoverable by your target audience when they are searching for your services and products. Improving the visibility of an app is possible by boosting organic growth and that is possible when you know how your audience is searching for your apps. 70% of the people search for new apps in the app store and 65% of downloads happen directly after a search.

When you choose our app store optimization services, we conduct detailed research regarding your online retail landscape and ascertain your business's current position in the market. Once we start getting insight into your audience, we create strategies to improve the visibility of your business app in the store. At the same time, we offer complete maintenance support besides boosting the organic growth of your app. With app store optimization you can not only target local areas, but reach a global audience simultaneously.


Our App Store Optimization Strategies


Our professionals utilize paid acquisition strategies coupled with App Store Optimization to deliver fast results. We have a talented and experienced team that has experts in AdWords, Search Ads, Social Media, and Search Engine Optimization services to increase your organic downloads in a short time. Paid acquisition is one of the ideal ways to increase audience reach and app downloads at the same time.


We consider keyword optimization an integral part of the app store optimization strategy. Our team will research and understand which keywords are relevant for your business app, terms that have high volume in the mobile app stores, which tops the competitors and how they are trending. We focus on the right keywords that will increase the search visibility in app stores and increase potential new users. Our professionals also target the right keyword at the right time to take advantage of a trend that will increase downloads.


Optimizing the app’s description is a significant part that contributes heavily towards improving your app's visibility. We have the best writers to create the ideal app description, app title, keyword list, and promotional text that will highlight the value proposition of your business app. Our ASO contents are planned, researched and re-checked before they are utilized for the promotion of your app. They drive maximum value for promoting your apps search visibility.


Improving your app’s visibility is not everything. After your app has been discovered by a user, they need to be convinced to download the app. Our team tests Creative Sets via strategies like Google Play Experiments or Apple Search Ads before they are executed completely. We make decisions on executing these changes based on the user's behaviors and what search terms are trending. In addition, we gather data to understand how these trends may behave and shift for ensuring your app's success throughout 365 days.


Another significant part of our app store optimization strategy is Iteration. Here we analyze what was particularly deployed, its performance track record and if it changed after the update, and assess the ways to improve on what is working. We always keep in mind the past performance of the app as well as focus on what can be improved to benefit from seasonal trends. Also, address any new user behavior in the upcoming app updates. We collect these data and utilize various software that helps us get accurate data which allows us to make a sound app store optimization strategy.


AVMS ASO team provides customer support 24/7 and 365 days so that your app always stays on top of the competition. Our team responds to any negative reviews, addresses any issue, and improves ratings to increase your app’s visibility. We also share 2D and 3D content along with various forms of videos to promote your business app. Our support system works hard to ensure higher user retention, increase app ranking, increase conversion and rapid app comprehension.

Why AVMS Digital’s ASO Services Are Better Than the Rest


AVMS Digital is a company of talented people with a reputation and track record of taking businesses to the next level. We promise amazing results when you trust us with the responsibility of taking your business to your target audience. Our ASO wing is known for hiring the best professionals who possess wide experience and knowledge in this field. With us, you will work with seasoned experts committed to delivering beyond the client's expectations.


We have the experience, knowledge and resources to show you improvements within a short time. With us, you will see fast results and better ROI. Our fundamental target is to create a powerful presence for your company on the internet. AVMS Digital offers more conversion opportunities, and thus more revenue besides taking your brand to the top position in the market. You can trust us because we have created success stories of brands whose name was unheard of a year before.


Our app store optimization strategy is known for taking businesses products and services to the next level. With an experienced team, we implement an effective strategy that improves your online ratings and ensures a positive customer experience. We create and share content that develops a positive image of your brand in a short time. Simultaneously, we use various tools and strategies so that your app dominates the online search results.


Our strategies are battle-tested in various situations and fields. We have gained our experience by working with several clients and we will explain our winning procedure so that you can get a peek into how we deliver results in a project. Our professionals have practical experience and we have individual methods to meet targets beyond the expectation of our clients. Also, our excellent track record speaks for our capabilities.


AVMS Digital implements effective strategies, practices and techniques to offer positive results for the long term. We make sure that your website comes in the top ten rankings of the search engine results page within a short duration. What makes us better is we guarantee that your website ranking stays on top not only during our service period but also in the years to come. Since our strategies are updated and based on the latest rules of search engine algorithms, our clients enjoy a constant increase in visitors and increased revenue for a long period.


We understand the significance of hard-earned money, so we offer cost-effective packages to our clients. Our reliable and peerless services come at a price range that every small and big company can afford. If you compare our rates with similar services offered by other companies in the industry, you will realize that our services have competitive pricing. Also, we guarantee risk-free returns which are increased revenue and constant visitors on a long-term basis.


We Take Your App to Your Audience’s Fingertips

It has always been our focus to understand our client's customers and competition in the present market. We conduct research to gain insight into what your customers want, how your competitor can meet them, where they are failing, and compile all this information to make a sound app store optimization strategy. Our strategy will be the heart of all your app marketing actions to increase downloads and retain existing customers.

It is not possible for an app to stand out in the competition without a sound ASO strategy. We have the skill, knowledge and experience to take your business app to the fingertips of your audience. Our customized and cost-effective services are second to none because we keep our promises by improving your app’s visibility, downloads and dominance in the app store. With our strategies, your app will experience high traffic and increased revenue within no time.

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