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Midjourney: A Game Changer in Digital Art Generation

What if you can create any type of digital art just by words? Sounds pretty cool, right? Thanks to the Midjourney AI art generator, creating art and photorealistic images are easily possible, as long as you can just put the right words in text prompts.

Whenever you open your favorite social media platforms, you are sure to come across various images, some far-fetched or unreal, and some photorealistic - created by people trying their hands with this new AI image generator.

Let us find out more about wonderful art-generating AI.

What Is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an art-generative AI that can generate high-resolution photorealistic images and artistic pictures or paintings that you want. Much like Open AI's DALL.E 2 and Crayin,

This one also follows the text-to-image diffusion model. Founded by David Holz, co-founder of Leap Motion. It first joined the open beta on July 12, 2022, which means it is now open for public use.

To access it, you must have an account in Discord. After you sign in, you can join the dedicated server to start creating. Just use relatable prompts.

How Does Midjourney Work?

Midjourney is a deep learning model that works through prompt engineering. Prompt engineering is the way to communicate. You simply write your prompts for the image you want to create. Prompts are more like keywords or a line of command that you feed to the AI. The AI learns and perceives them in its own way, and images are generated.

For example:

/imagine an Ultra-realistic portrait of a 30-year-old female in a work outfit 4k

Midjourney AI art

The AI can generate images despite their oddity. It follows your prompts like commands.

Behind the Scene

When it comes to photorealistic image generation, the new image does not come from image dataset inputs. But rather, it comes from the latent space of a deep learning model. The deep learning model interprets the images in reference to their pixel value of red, blue and green.

To differentiate between different objects, Midjourney looks for metrics to interpret the image in mathematical space. Inside this mathematical space, it uses other variables and dimensions to mark the different objects and present them as the image mentioned in the prompt.

This artificial intelligence even can present multidimensional space. The prompts you put help the AI navigate inside the" multidimensional latent space" towards what you are looking for.

Midjourney's Digital Art Generation

Midjourney gained massive popularity because you can create beautiful pictures by describing them through your prompts. It can handle a great number of details in the prompt.

What makes this AI unique is it can create almost any image that you imagine, any style and copy the specific. If you just shudder, saying it's just an AI, you must try the art generators yourself. Debates are at an all-time high regarding which AI generator is the best: DALL.E or Midjourney?

Digital art using DALL.E
Output: DALL.E

Digital art using Midjourney AI
Output: Midjourney (Discord)

If you examine this picture in detail, you can see it is basically flawless. The use of colors, mixing them up to create color effects, the best-suited lighting, the simulation for hair, skin texture and clothing materials- everything looks perfectly photorealistic.

How unbelievable does it sound? An AI tool to which you can describe exactly what you are imagining, and it will show you exactly that image! With Midjourney, David Holz has made this incredible innovation come true. This has burst open an entire realm of possibilities for digital artists, creative designers and anyone with a penchant for creating visual art.

This new software lets you exercise your imaginative faculty and help you discover what you are truly capable of doing with your imagination. With this platform exploring the ultimate visual art, the art generation is headed towards a new direction altogether!

The Debate: AI Art vs Human Art

With AI art dominating the world, some inevitable questions come rushing to the surface. If AI can create art, what happens to the art that we create? Shall we not need an artist to create art? As excitement and curiosity rise among artists across the world, we delve deeper into finding answers to these crucial questions.

Recently, Netflix Japan faced a strong backlash when they used AI-generated anime for their anime short film 'The Boy and the Dog' instead of using artists. Later Netflix Japan clarified that it only used AI because there was a shortage of labor. This incident enhances the fear that all artists and designers are feeling deep inside their hearts. Animation studios are active recruiters of artists. If they use AI instead, the future of creative hands may turn bleak.

But let us not forget that generative AI is just a tool that generates images and art with the help of your prompt. According to many, any creation that does not undergo the human creative process cannot be called art. Plus, there are still a lot of incongruities in the images. AI cannot draw human hands properly. In fact, the task is pretty challenging for human artists. Even though it has made significant improvements in drawing the human hand, it still has a long way to go.

The Copyright Issue

This AI can imitate the painting style of any painter and can even produce art. In this context, the matter of copyright also arises. As mentioned in the prompts, this AI can use any artwork and painting style by any artist to generate results. It is easier to access these through free online datasets available to everyone.

This is how the AI can easily get access to a large number of images. The large image datasets also help them understand backgrounds, materials, and styling aspects. Lining and framing and other details of the picture. This is another grey area that needs to be looked into.

On the official site of Midjourney, it is clearly mentioned that you receive a Commons Noncommercial 4.0 Attribution International License if you are a free user or have a trial account. This implies that you can use the AI generated images but not sell or otherwise profit from them.

You must additionally provide Midjourney with information ("attribution"). "You basically own all Assets you generate utilising Midjourney's image generating and conversation services," the company claims if you pay for your account. Learn more here.

Is Midjourney Free?

During the trial period, you won't be charged and you can generate up to 25 images for free. If you want to continue further, you have to opt for paid plans.

The first plan is the Basic plan, requiring you to pay $8 per month. Then you have the Standard plan, which costs $24 per month; finally, the Pro plan will cost you $48.

You can change or cancel your plan, which will be made effective immediately.

Final Thoughts

The innovation of Midjourney is a fantastic achievement on the part of humans. An AI that can pretty much generate any image following a simple text command is crazy as it gets. But amidst all this hype of colourful surrealist images and the glory of AI being a "creator", deeper issues are lurking. This has challenged the artists in an unprecedented way. All we can do is hope for AI to collaborate with artists, not rival them.


Can you use Midjourney for free?

When you are on trial, you get 25 free runs on Midjourney. That is to say, you can create up to 25 images without paying any charges. If you want to continue using Midjourney afterwards, you must take a full membership. For a basic plan, the price is $8 per month, the standard plan will cost you $24 per month, and the Pro plan will cost $48 per month. Know more here.

How do I get to Midjourney Beta?

Right now, you can use Midjourney through Discord. After logging in through the Discord website, you can use the AI platform to create image generation. Write the prompt with /imagine, and add description and details. Images will be generated for you.

Which is better - DALL.E or Midjourney?

While DALL-E 2 is limited to 1024 x 1024 resolution, Midjourney can scale up AI-generated graphics to their highest resolution. While this one focuses more on a variety of artistic styles, DALL-E 2 produces more realistic-looking photos. It is great at making the details work out for the best. You can find out the difference by trying your hand at these cool AI platforms.

Can I sell Midjourney art?

It completely depends on what kind of account you are using. If you are using a trial account and are on the trial period, you cannot sell the art or make financial benefit from them. When you create images or generate art on Midjourney, you permit your images to be used by others.

But if you can create your own art following proper prompts and using your own unique ideas, you may be able to sell your art.

What is the process of using Midjourney?

To use this Midjourney, you need to have an account in Discord, and with that account can log in to generate images. Images will be generated as per the text prompts given by you.

Read our blog right here to know more about the image generation process of Midjourney.

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