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Narayan Memorial Hospital

Creative work by AVM Station

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Health problems do not discriminate. 

Then why should healthcare? 

Easily accessible and affordable healthcare is should be for everyone. 

We believe in providing better health services for everyone. 

Health is a basic right. We champion it.



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Chest pains, Shortness of breath, Fatigue, occasional dizziness and nausea. 

But you are sure it’s nothing. 

A little caution never killed anyone: but lack of it often does. 

Get checked up. 



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Did you know ?
Nearly 1 billion people suffer from Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency 
The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency varies from 17 to 90% across India.
Find out your vitamin D level today. 
Stay well.



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Epilepsy is more common than you think. 

And it’s okay to be scared. 

But it’s not okay to hide the condition and ignore the symptoms. 

Get help and manage your symptoms. 

Live a better life. 



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