AVM station is a fully-fledged visual effects facility covering a full gamut of requirements from active on-set visual effects supervision through to immersive digital set extension, digital matte painting, high-end feature animation and effects work, clean-up, motion tracking and final compositing.

We have the backbone support of state-of-the-art systems, a large dedicated render farm which is expanding all the time, high capacity storage, off-site backup, with high-speed FTP with dedicated connection for transferring digital assets.


​A stunning visual narrative knows no language, and hence gives your film a larger, more profitable market- worldwide. Which is why AVM station offers cutting edge VFX services to bring alive unique ideas, through stunning visual effects. With studios in Kolkata our competent and committed team serves as an end-to-end partner, right from concept design to pre-visualization, look development, on-set supervision to compositing and 2D finishing for feature film and television projects.


Our 24x7 robust global pipeline makes geography irrelevant, connecting us with clients across three continents; enabling our facilities to optimize efficiencies, and ensuring our teams deliver their maximum potential for every project. 

Image by Elia Pellegrini


From crowd duplication to single strands of hair, AVM Station can matte it all. With multiple rounds of quality control, we make sure your deliverables are perfect & on-time, every time. Our expert team of Rotoscoping Artist and technology experts leave no work behind when it comes to fulfilling client’s criteria and giving them more than they’ve asked for.



We have the ability to handle all your prep and clean up needs, including character, wire/rig removal, face make, reflections, and everything in between. You name it, we remove it.



We have an experienced compositing team capable of rising to any challenge. Our artists have worked on creating amazing visual sequences which are often a carefully integrated combination of elements layered together into a seamless mind-blowing experience. We have prowess whether integrating live-action elements or complex CG assets.


Our artists have the ability in creating 3D cameras and other motion files that adopt the same movements as the original background plate. This enables the live action to seamlessly interact with the CG elements. We offer a full suite of match move services, including object tracking, camera tracking and rotomation. We have the experience and tools to tackle even the most complex shots.

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We have built expertise over the years based on visual environments and enthralling digital paintings. Recognized over the years for our outstanding CGI environments and matte paintings, we create entirely new worlds with remarkable photo-realism using traditional 2D matte painting techniques, digital set reconstruction and full 3D environments. Our pipeline, tools and camera projection techniques give us a leading edge in the field of matte painting. Our renders create any illusion, any environment or any background. 

clean up


Do you want to add vigorous imagery on your dull shots but doesn’t want to strain your production time? There are many types of keying and it absolutely depends on your data however we offers the best and quicker solution to adding fascinating effects on your data however we offers the best and quicker solution to adding fascinating effects on your feature films or movie projects.